Eye Care Awareness and Eye Donation


Sight is what makes life colorful

In a country of one billion, as many as 4 million people have corneal blindness. Of the 100,000 cornea transplants needed every year only 16,000 donations are made. These are the chilling statistics that we as a nation are faced with today.

At Umang Foundation when we realized how miserable the situation was, we decided to take things in our hands. Thus, we organized eye care awareness sessions and eye donation camps individually as well as with the CSR wing of Corporate and got people to pledge their eyes.

Team Umang found that people were apprehensive about the fact that post death their relatives would have to run around a lot to keep true the pledge they made. We created awareness among them and ensured them that an eye bank representative would take care of all the proceedings and that they & their relatives had nothing to worry about. Another continuing matter of concern is that people feel that their ‘ bodies should be returned to God just as he made it and that if HE has chosen to give someone bad eyes, it is not in their realm to go against HIS word.

This is nothing more than superstition and blind faith. Donating eyes is a noble deed, a sign of humanity, and humanity in effect, is what makes god proud. Helping another human see the wonders of God’s creation is the one great feat that you can accomplish once you leave your loved ones forever. Thus, eye donation is not a ‘bad’ thing and must be accepted and followed through as if it were the word of God.

Umang Foundation has since its inception, conscientiously worked towards eliminating myths & superstitions and spreading awareness about the intricacies of eye donation. Thus we urge you not be fret and be party to Eye Donation. Let’s endeavor to bring about a positive change in people’s lives.

On the other side, Team Umang has organized many eye care awareness sessions at corporate to educate the IT professional about better ergonomics and eye care, it is very important to take care of your eyes when these professional stressed so much in their day to day life.

Take care of your eyes before it’s too late!

Number of eye care awareness sessions: 10

Number of Eye Donation camps: 24

Number of eyes donated: 260