Health Checkup Camps

Health Checkup Camps

Healthy body is the greatest gift to the mankind

Good health and well being are essential to human existence. In India, accessibility to health care and medical attention is not available to each and everyone at their door step though our government is working towards it but it is still far from reality. Lack of medical facilities not only affects those who are unwell but also creates an unhealthy environment for those living around them.

Slum areas are rife with alcoholism, tuberculosis, malnutrition frequent illness and many other diseases. Little or no basic amenities, lack of awareness and lack of education on hygiene etc are some of the contributing factors to these major health issues. For the fact, healthcare is a luxury for those who are living in the slums and can’t afford proper healthcare. Many villages in Maharashtra are also facing a similar predicament.

Team Umang recognizes the need for health care and has thus undertaken regular health check-ups for slum residents. The first health check up was done at the Rahul Nagar Slum Area in Mulund (w), Mumbai in June 2009.

This initiative was teamed up with doctors from Sir J J Hospital, Byculla and other private practitioners with the assistance of associates from Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd. This health check up included a general health check up, liver function test, peak flow test, blood glucose test, hemoglobin test and blood group test, free distribution of medicines, etc.

A major factor for the success of these medical check-ups is the active involvement of doctors, corporate house. Since then, organizing regular Health Checkup camps for slum and tribal villagers has become a tradition at Umang Foundation.

For year 2011, Umang Foundation has planned to set up a dedicated medical professional group which will be responsible to conduct at least 3-4 health check up camps in a month on a regular basis. With continued and additional support from various partners, Umang Foundation hopes to break new grounds and make healthcare a much bigger reality for the slum dwellers and villages of Maharashtra.

Number of Medical Camps: 6

Number of slum residents / tribal villagers examined: 2350

Location: Kanjurmarg, Ghatkopar, Karjat, Kalwa, Powai and others.