Supporting Cancer Patients


Bring smile among those who go under terrible pain of life

Cancer is one of the most dilapidating of diseases. A disease like this makes an individual vulnerable not only physically but also psychologically as they try and battle with the stress of chemotherapy, radiation, relapses and in the extremely unfortunate cases, the haplessness of it being incurable.

When the patients are children it’s exponentially worse. Keeping this in mind, Umang Foundation has tried and continues to strive towards making the lives of the children, a little happier with recreational events targeted to bring the unadulterated joy and fun. Team Umang proved their passion, zeal and dedication for this cause by turning up in a huge number always. 

Team Umang is thankful to Mr Swaminathan who has inspired team and organized first 2 events for cancer patients single handedly.

It is said that music heals many wounds and this was evident during the show, Mr. Mohan Pendse founder of “Pendse Music Academy”, has come forward with his whole team to give a musical evening to 150 cancer patients at “Subhalaxmi Auditorium, Sion” and what a magical evening it was! The evening began with refreshments and many of the children were overheard discussing their favorite actors and movies etc.  

The fun part of the evening began on a spiritual mode with Ganesh Vandana, and later morphed into a fully charged excitement driven event in which children were not only audience but also performers as they danced to the various performances. Academy Students also got a chance to showcase their talent and do something for these cancer children, as they played various instruments for the patients.

It was heartening to see, how something as simple as music had the attention of the children, luring them to join in the songs. The happiness that the children experienced was evident on their face, as they left all their pain behind and freely sang and danced to the tunes of one number after another.

In February 2010, Team Umang has organized a ‘Mumbai Darshan trip’ for cancer patients. Destinations for this trip were the Nehru Science Center, Taraporawala Aquarium, Gateway of India and Girgaum Chowpaty, Nariman Point and Marine Drive. It was a trip that these kids thoroughly enjoyed, and when asked as to what they would remember the most, they talked about the hugs that they got from Scooby Doo, Tweety and Mickey Mouse, the mascots that met them at the Aquarium and travelled with them through their rest of the trip.

The social worker from Tata Memorial Hospital Mr Deshmukh was extremely grateful as he said during the trip “Cancer patients are treated as untouchables and people rarely wish to interact with them. In such a situation Umang Foundation’s enthusiasm, love and the intention and their desire to interact and help these children meant immense happiness. This event’s success proved by the contentment in the