Efforts for tribal village upliftment

Thought of giving your belongings to those who need it most…!

As the disposable income in India has shown tremendous increase in the last ten years, the footfalls at shopping malls and complexes all over the country has also shown an exponential increase. A large part of the spending today is done on ones wardrobe. With an increase awareness of fashion, everybody wants to look their best. But what becomes of apparel that is no longer in fashion or have just outlived their usability simply because they are lost in the large piles of clothes that many of us today tend to have?

Team Umang believes that we must be sensitive to the fact that not all of our countrymen are living the life being discussed in this article. Although the growth has been steady but the distribution of this growth has been uneven across various socio economic groups. This variation is reflected in the lifestyles of these socio economic groups. As of the last year, more than 37% of India’s population of 1.25 billion still lives below the poverty line. More than 22% of the entire rural population and 15% of the urban population of India exists in this difficult physical and financial predicament.

(source: http://www.economywatch.com/indianeconomy/poverty-in-india.html).

Team Umang understands the existence of a surplus in clothes with economically stable groups and a lack of basic clothing for the economically challenged. To help bridge the gap several clothes collection, segregation and distribution drives have been arranged in and around Mumbai. A unique aspect of these drives is the fact that the volunteers and partners at Umang Foundation do not stop at just collecting or donating clothes but are encouraged to assist in the segregation of the clothes and following their movement till they are handed over to a suitably benefiting person. More than 6000 people have been benefitted from this initiative are living in Bhivpuri, Warne, Arvan, Beed, Saple, Salokhen and many other villages in Karjat.

Village Outreach program, another initiative taken with the collaboration of Hexaware Technologies Ltd, where the focus was on general health check up, eye check up, blood tests, free medicines, health and hygiene awareness, first aid training to village women and distribution of free first aid kits.

Someone need your helping hand for their better life…!

Clothes Collection: 54

Clothes Segregation: 7

Clothes Distribution: 11


Clothes given to Number of villagers: 6000+

324 benefitted by medical camp