About Us

Umang Foundation, as the name suggests, was conceptualized on the premise of bringing ‘Umang’ – joy to people’s lives.

The brainchild of Ashish Goyal, Umang Foundation aims at bringing about a positive change in the life of as many people as possible. They endeavor to do so by providing an opportunity to all those inclined to serve society and make a difference. This opportunity presents itself in the form of volunteering with Umang Foundation, participating in blood donation camps, clothes collection drives, pledging their support to eye care and eye donation, helping in promoting education by donating books, stationery etc. They can also help provide support to children on the streets, orphans and the elderly.

Amidst a fast paced life and the rush to the reach the top, Ashish Goyal, Akshay Shah & Deena Sawlani (all three IT professionals working in Investment Banks) found themselves looking for fulfillment beyond the materialistic. They felt indebted to society for all the comfort it offered them and thus felt it was their duty to give back in whatever way possible. Thus, the idea of giving back and bringing about a change saw the birth of Umang Foundation in July 2008.

Today, Umang Foundation has a large number of dedicated volunteers who tirelessly work to bring joy to the lives of others. These volunteers come from an array of backgrounds which includes IT, finance,

HR & management professionals, college students, doctors, businessmen, senior Citizens, journalists, housewives and architects.

Moreover, Umang Foundation engages with CSR wing of organizations and work actively in their effort to do something good for the society. Umang Foundation organizes social activities for many corporate who participate in blood donation drives, collection of clothes and distribution among tribal villagers, celebration of remarkable national days and many festivals with the orphan, street children and elders at old age homes, providing education material to thousands of children and many such activities in their bid to be agents of dynamic change.

Team at Umang Foundation strongly believes that ‘there’s more to life…’ more than office and home and work towards the happiness and content of the less fortunate section of society.

In the year 2009-2010, Umang Foundation have spent 34% of their total received donation to ‘Promote Education’ activities and in the year 2011 Umang Foundation vows to continue and consolidate this steady allocation by reaching out to 50+ schools in different areas of Thane and Navi Mumbai district.

The total reaches to 3550 students in 14 schools which is indeed a satisfying number and Umang Foundation pat the back of its members and volunteers who have helped achieving this, we endeavor to outdo ourselves in the coming year.

In fact, members of Umang Foundation is working towards helping at least 10,000+ students with stationery material and their other requirements and trying to bring a positive change in these students lives to make it brighter and smarter for tomorrow.

Number of distribution events: 11

Number of Schools / Orphanage / Slums covered: 15

Number of students: 60000+