Recreational Activities with children

Recreational Activities with children

Smile on Innocent face, costs nothing but your love & care

Imagine a pair of eyes looking at you when you play with your child in the park, wondering whether they will ever get to carry that lovely Pokémon bag, wear clean clothes and expensive shoes. Imagine the longing in those eyes.

Umang Foundation, true to its name believes that these children deserve a chance to see the brighter side of life hence been involved in various activities for these children right from day 1. Since inception, Umang Foundation have conducted many events for children and celebrated every special day with the kids like New Year, Republic Day, Independence Day, Children Day and others.

For street / orphan or less fortunate children from different areas, Team Umang have organized Magic Shows, Drawing competition, Dance competition, games, and many other events. It was indeed heartening to see these little ones break barriers that had always chained a part of them. Some of them exhibited exceptional creative talent. Through such platforms, Team Umang not only tries to bring about joy in their lives, but also appreciate the talents they posses, that they usually do not get a chance to display.

During the Republic Day celebration in year 2010, our panel of judges has selected Vaibhav as out-performers in dance competition and has provided a scholarship of Victory Art Foundation (Shaimak Davar’s dance classes) for further dance training. With his potential and dedication he has been picked up by Shiamak Davar for special potential group and will be trained further at Shiamak Davar classes.

Children are the future of the nation and when you watch them dressed in rags, sweeping the streets or begging in local trains of Mumbai, it really breaks your heart.

Team Umang via several initiatives tries to give this future of country a better chance to live and trying to show brighter side of life. All round the year we conduct various events and recreational activities for children raising awareness among them, organizing workshops for them, collecting clothes for them, providing them with stationary and other needed items.

Through its set of recreational activities, Umang Foundation tries to bring these young minds out of their routine life even if just for a day.

Number of events organized: 10