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Support For Education

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted many people in a life altering manner. One of the most significant impact has been to Children from under privileged strata of the society. This is on account that they are facing challenges in pursuing education due to lack of media to connect for online classes, economic pressure on their parents to cut expenses and/or increase family income by getting involved in some work. Based on a survey conducted in private schools providing education to children from this segment only about 30% of students (of last years count) are able to attend school. One of the major reasons accounting for this is lack of a device/connectivity.

This can be very easily be addressed by providing them with a entry level smart phone and data connectivity. The phone will not only provide them a means to get connected to their education institutes but also can be leveraged to provide digital education which has become the backbone for society to function in the new normal.

Our goal is to enable 200 children with connectivity and prevent their education from coming to an abrupt end. To enable this connectivity, we intend to collect an amount of 11 lakh INR.

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