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A pint of donated blood can save up to three lives. Umang Foundation understands that donating blood is not only important for the patient but it sometimes works as life saver drug for the patient. Human Blood can’t be replaced by artificial blood.

Healthy human body is 24X7 blood manufacturing unit and it is the easiest way to show our care and willingness to help others especially for the children who are suffering from thallasemia, patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment and patients admitted in various hospitals around the town.

Organizing Blood donation camp was also a learning experience for the team at Umang Foundation as professionals from different sectors received opportunity to understand many medical jargons which used in the process of collection and distribution of blood.

As a vital part of the community, Umang Foundation, works to promote blood donation camps with high hygiene standards. Team believes to create awareness among blood donors and always inclined to share Do’s and Don’ts of blood donation camp.

Team Umang is thankful to thousands of dedicated individuals for their generous donation of blood, their support has enabled Umang Foundation to save many lives and help those people with blood who needed it the most.

Team Umang is working very actively to create awareness about Blood Donation and organize more and more blood donation camp in the city and encouraging organizations and residential societies to organize blood donation camp in their vicinity.

Donate Blood. Help Save Lives!

Number of Blood Camps organized: 72
Number of Blood Bottles collected: 5451


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Khushali Dave
Date: Jul 20, 2010

I am the most blessed child of the God and very strongly believe that God wants to give me an opportunity to help some of the under privileged people and pay him back in a liltle way... UMANG FOUNDATION helps me to reach such people in some way or the other.... thanks UMANG FOUNDATION and to all ...
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